Big Winners Every Week!

Real Jackpots. Real Rewards. Real Close.

Portland Meadows has Portland’s largest game floor with over 150 terminals featuring NEW Bingo, Spinning Wheels, Pick-Until-You-Miss Matching, and Re-Spin themes. Traditional cherries and sevens, or characters like fairies, witches, sea creatures, and more fill the game floor with endless fun.

Portland Meadows offers historical horse racing over 150 terminals on our game floor. The PariMAX™ Historical Racing system is 100% pari-mutuel. In order for a wager to be pari-mutuel it must be solely determined by the outcome of pari-mutuel events and the pool must be priced and paid out following the standard pari-mutuel pricing calculations. PariMAX™ Historical Racing meets these requirements by only using thoroughbred horse races and following the exact same pricing rules as live thoroughbred horse-racing. Furthermore, only the common live-racing pools are used in PariMAX™ Historical Racing. Historical Racing has demonstrably revitalized the slumping horse racing industry in other states by bringing in new players. In Oregon, historical racing was legalized in June 2013. Players have the ability to handicap races using past performance information. With a library of over 20,000 races, and identifying race information obfuscated, the player is unable to recognize a historic race prior to placing his or her wager.

1001 N. Schmeer Road, Portland, OR, 97217, United States
1 503-285-9144
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